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Fish Tank Facade

Imagine the beauty of your home aquarium with a custom built fish tank stand and canopy or enclose the tank in a custom wood fish tank facade.

Fish Tank Stands

Aquarium hobbyists enjoy the relaxation of a beautiful fish tank and would love to accommodate their tank with a custom designed stand and canopy. MK Woodworks has many years in cabinet construction and we have built multiple custom fish tank stands in Arizona.

We can create a unique custom wood fish tank facade for your aquarium that fits your space and design needs. The custom wood stand can blend into your current color scheme or accent. We can also design it to contrast other wood pieces in your home or a custom-built wall unit.

Imagine a fully customized wooden fish tank stand and top that brings out your style and fits perfectly into your living space. 

Phoenix Fish Tank Stands

No matter your tank size or type we can custom fit a wood stand piece and top to match perfectly to enhance the beauty of your reef tank or freshwater setup. Our Phoenix fish tank stands company can design the perfect stand and canopy for your aquarium.

Our professional designer will meet with you during your consultation and discuss design and size options. All measurements will be taken, and a concept will be created to be reviewed by you before construction begins.

Owning a fish tank is an enjoyable experience and having a custom-built stand can provide even more enjoyment especially when you show it off to your guest.

Custom Fish Tank Facade for the Office

Want to add a custom-built fish tank to your office space such as your board room? We can design a beautiful wall unit facade for your aquarium that matches the decor of your office environment.

Our expert designers can work with your tank manufacturer and spec out the design so that it all fits together seamlessly. We work with many local aquarium builders and offer many options for custom built stands and canopies.

We can create any wood finish you desire and design a stand that also hides fish tank supplies and equipment but allows for easy access.

Saltwater Fish Store

Need to restock your reef tank? Check our our preferred partner Discount Aquarium Fish and Reef located in Tempe, AZ.

They have the best prices in town on saltwater fish and corals for your home aquarium.

See more about their fish store here.

Phoenix Fish Tank Stands Options
Modern Custom Wood Fish Tank Facade
Custom Wood Fish Tank Facade in Wall
Custom Built Wood Fish Tank Facade

Our Process

First Contact

We speak with you to get a general idea of your dream fish tank stand project. Your imagination is our canvas. You will describe your vision, wants, and stylistic tastes. Our fish tank facade design expert will put together ideas for our in-house consultation with you.

Design Consultation

Our lead stand designer and expert aquarium stand builder will then come to your home with samples regarding color, door options, and photos to narrow down your project specifics.

We will confirm layout, materials, style, and functionality of your project to ensure your vision comes to life. We strive to equal your projects functionality and effectiveness with its beauty and aesthetics.

From modern, traditional, farmhouse, to eco-chic, we will ensure that your vision and style is reflected in our workmanship.


Depending on project size, we can typically present a bid sheet and project estimate within 2-3 business days for your review. Any last-minute changes, concerns, or logistics can be discussed before signing. Your price includes stand design, finish, and installation. Upon contract, 50% of project costs are due up front to cover materials, and 50% is collected upon completion of repairs to guarantee your 100% customer satisfaction.


Fabrication and painting is done at our state of the art shop equipped with a fully functional and sealed off spray booth to ensure impeccable attention to detail and finish. Our expert builder and crew will arrive at your home with your mostly completed project. If needed, we can coordinate with electricians, countertop installers, and plumbers to ensure an efficient and seamless process. If demolition is needed, this can be applied to the project costs during the design consultation.

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